Waddell Family Chiropractic Fees

We are proud to publish our fees so that you will know exactly the investment you will be making in improving the quality of your life. While other providers and hospitals have been mandated by law to publish their fees, we have always been transparent when it comes to your finances.

Initial consultation with Dr. Waddell – No Charge

New patient (age 13 and older) fee on first visit – $325 and includes the following:

  • Comprehensive structural spinal examination
  • Full spine structural x-ray analysis
  • Spinal adjustment on first visit
  • Follow up visit to discuss all examination/test results and care recommendations
  • Spinal adjustment on the second visit

Pediatric cases 12 years and younger typically do not have x-rays unless there is a history of severe trauma or current serious health challenge. Initial visit fees will include all necessary examination procedures and 2 spinal adjustments. Our staff will advise you of pediatric fees.

Follow up visits beyond the initial fee – $50

The typical case will start with a series of 12 visits over 4-6 weeks to create the changes necessary for correction and to guide the spine and nervous system to more normal function. Further care could be necessary beyond this initial estimate and is based on the severity of the spinal condition at the onset of care.

We will do our best to help you in the shortest amount of time that your body will allow.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HealthChoice and Medicare patient fee structures could be slightly different than the above fees due to contracted provider rates. Our staff will verify your insurance coverage and notify you of your fees before your initial visit.

We are considered "out of network" with most health insurance policies. The reason for this is many health insurance plans try to limit the care you need and do not want to pay for quality care. We decided that YOU are more important than insurance company executives and shareholder profit. We cater to you, not insurance carriers. If we are "out of network" with your policy we will gladly provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company.